Enterprise Solutions of Intelligent Networks

Indifferent to industry type, the market demands unprecedented performance from its Web-enabled applications. In order to meet these expectations, enterprise firms must take proactive measures to reinforce and protect the potency of their Web-enabled business applications at all times. This includes multimedia applications like Voice-over-IP (VoIP), Streaming Video, and Audio, which are now being deployed as mission-critical business applications.

Once widely adopted, these applications will solidify the convergence of voice and data networks and cultivate a greater need for improved network performance technologies. While today most companies tend to focus their efforts on minimizing network down-time, the future will demand increased attention toward eliminating performance "brown-outs." Powerful network performance provisioning products will be required to ensure this future.

The bottom line is that Enterprise businesses need a way to optimize network performance, protect their mission-critical applications and improve user satisfaction without creating new burdens for the networking staff. For them, bad quality of service goes beyond a nuisance; it jeopardizes their core business. Take, for example, a stock trading company where financial damages from a 6 hour network shutdown during prime trading hours may exceed that of the entire annual IT budget.

A typical corporate network services a wide variety of applications and user groups competing for service on the same physical network. Mission critical applications such as trading, e-commerce, ERP, and VoIP are competing with less important but resource-consuming web browsing, downloads, FTPs, e-mails, faxes, etc. Similarly, the top executives and salespeople are receiving the same service levels as the temporary summer intern who is downloading NAPSTER files off the web.

Corporations spend huge amounts of money on over provisioning their networks, and as a result, during normal times, these applications and users may live in harmony. However, during peak or unexpected event times (which, in some companies occur daily), congestion builds and service levels drop. Asce Networks' NeuTrans IP performance provisioning solutions allow corporations to ensure that their mission-critical applications and important users are getting predictable network performance, even during extreme congestion, peak hours, or unexpected events (short of total network collapse).

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