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Asce Networks Debuts Stand alone Web Application Accelerator

GAITHERSBURG, MD. — 15 August 2008 – Responding to the need for an advanced traffic management and application acceleration appliance specifically designed for small-to-medium businesses (SMBs), Asce Networks, the leading provider of mission-critical e-Business infrastructures today announced its stand alone Web application accelerator products: Asce Networks UniSono Web Accelerator Series that are designed to boost the performance of Web-based enterprise applications such as those from vendors such as IBM, Microsoft, Oracle/Siebel/Bea and SAP etc.

The UniSono Web Accelerator inherits Asce Networks' advanced AppTMOS architecture, it has been engineered to provide industry leading scale, high avaiability, manageability,ensuring superior reliability, platform longevity, and lower TCO.The new UniSono Web Accelerator can offload compute-intensive tasks, and the integrated Content Caching can reduce the load on your infrastructure. TCP offload, Traffic buffering, and HTTP optimizations produce the optimum environment for your applications to run at peak performance and capacity. It can provide application acceleration of up to five times greater than any other product on the market.It solves growing enterprise problems such as painfully slow remote downloads and application access over Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption.

"The web application acceleration space has generated a great deal of excitement lately, but it is still a relatively new market with lots of room for innovation," said Zeus Karravala, Vice President of the Yankee Group.

UniSono Web Accelerator,the Asce Networks' new appliance helps SMBs looking for an advanced Layer7 traffic management solution control costs, improve operations and gain a significant competitive advantage. Another key benefit for this market is the application acceleration capability which dramatically increases the speed and responsiveness that users experience.

Asce Networks' new UniSono Web Accelerator series platform features a revolutionary hardware design with dual-core 64bit processing power and industry-leading scalability to help enterprises prepare for future application growth.Dual-core, 64 bit processor can make your calculations run faster and let your applications use more memory - precisely the requirements of your Traffic Management layer. UniSono Web Accelerator takes advantage of the latest developments in hardware technology to give the customer the best possible performance.With dual-core and 64 bit technology, UniSono Web Accelerator can process more data, more quickly.64 bit architectures remove the 2Gb memory limit in older traffic management devices. With more memory, the customer can cache more data to reduce the load on their web servers. More memory means more space to inspect and manage large data transactions. You can process and manipulate large data transfers with ease.

The UniSono Web Accelerator platform comes with a base configuration comprised of dual-core 64 bit processor with 5 Giga Ethernet and 2 Mini SFP network interface. In addition, compliance with EU regulations for the Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) ensures that Asce Networks can deliver
a more environmentally friendly platform for Europe and the world.

"While the business objectives of SMB customers may vary, they still require application acceleration, service reliability and better responsiveness to customers through their network and web-enabled applications," said Bob Collins, CEO of Asce Networks "The UniSono Web Accelerator addresses this important market place offering a high-performance Layer7 traffic manager at an affordable price."

The UniSono Web Accelerator series will be available in CYQ3, 2008.

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