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Asce Networks Predicts the Future of Web Applications

12 August 2005

Future trends critical to the ongoing development of the Web-enabled business model are today revealed in a webletter published by Asce Networks, featuring research from Gartner.

GAITHERSBURG, MD. — 12 August 2005 –Future trends critical to the ongoing development of the Web-enabled business model are today revealed in a webletter published by Asce Networks, featuring research from Gartner.

In the webletter entitled, 'Web Application Management: A Roadmap for Innovation', Mark Fabbi, a leading analyst at Gartner, provides a thought-provoking overview of the sector. He discusses how Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) will play an increasingly central role in the successful management of any Web-enabled business model. As adoption of new technologies becomes widespread, the role played by ADCs will be critical in delivering functionality to an organizations IT infrastructure.

Presenting a roadmap for the next five years, Asce Networks identifies three emerging technologies that it sees as crucial to the development of the sector:

  1. Virtualization of server hardware and application systems;
  2. Enhanced fluidity of service-oriented architectures;
  3. Distributed application delivery powered by grid or utility computing.


By examining the impact of these technologies on the future of the data centre and unravelling the complexity surrounding their introduction, Asce Networks demonstrates how they can bring enormous business benefits. With the advanced technology in place to fully exploit these technologies now, Asce Networks is helping businesses across the globe to enable the delivery of an ever increasingly powerful application platform for customer interaction.

Bob Collins, CEO of Asce Networks, Inc. said: "Asce Networks continues to be at the forefront of innovation. With our pioneering approach to Application Infrastructure Management, we are reshaping the market and are well- positioned to continue to do so throughout the phases that lie ahead. By working with industry experts such as Gartner, and responding to customer needs and emerging trends, we have an unique insight into where the market is heading."

Asce Networks provides an integrated approach to the three core challenges facing any Web-enabled business: how to manage complex application traffic more effectively; how to optimize application delivery over the network; and how to keep Web-enabled applications safe from attack and their traffic secure.

This approach has underpinned the development of Asce Networks InChorus Application Front-End switch: integrated software that forms an essential part of the development of Web-enabled applications. The unique solution has been independently verified to be more powerful, more adaptable and easier to use than anything currently available on the market. The Asce Networks InChorus AppTMOS enables both the network and application to become more fluent and closely integrated with each other and amongst its features offers XML processing, SSL offload, traffic management and application acceleration.

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