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Asce Networks Deliver Enhanced Web Monitoring and Application Performance in NetScope 6.0

11th Sept. 2001

NetScope 6.0 provide New High Availability Option to Deliver Automated Failover Capabilities for Large Scale Deployment

GAITHERSBURG, MD, Sept. 11, 2001-Asce Networks, Inc., a leading provider of mission-critical e-Business infrastructures, today released version 6.0 of NetScope, the company's operations monitoring platform, for enhanced e-business performance. Asce Networks' newest release of NetScope?, version 6.0, incorporates ten new application monitors and a new high availability add-on module that allows operations groups to now monitor and ensure the health of their applications' servers and gain access to automatic failover capabilities.

"This is the first step in achieving our ultimate goal of giving IT and operations groups a comprehensive view of performance data, which will facilitate collaboration and enhance 24x7 e-business performance,'' said Bob Collins, CEO of Asce Networks, Inc.

NetScope 6.0's ten new application-specific monitors compile detailed performance data for select infrastructure components, allowing operations groups to maximize the performance of their applications' servers. NetScope can now monitor specific applications including: Apache, Microsoft SQL Server, Ariba, Netscape Web Server, ColdFusion, Real Server, Microsoft ASP, SilverStream, Microsoft IIS and Windows Media Server.

NetScope 6.0 also delivers automatic failover capabilities that provide companies with the redundancy they require for large-scale deployments of NetScope. NetScope 6.0's high-availability add-on module includes: automatic failover from a primary NetScope installation to a secondary NetScope installation if a failure occurs; automatic mirroring of all monitoring, alerting and reporting configurations to the secondary NetScope installation.

With the addition of these new monitors, NetScope 6.0 now includes:

  • New Application Monitors to compile detailed performance data for select infrastructure components;
  • Network Services Monitors to check the availability of critical Internet services such as web applications, e-mail, and FTP;
  • Server Monitors to verify server health in supporting key e-business functions;
  • Advanced and Special Purpose Monitors to measure complex and critical e-business transactions.

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