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Asce Networks' High Availability Firewall and VPN Solution Omnirange Plus Hits the Market

1st Jun. 2001

The sales and shipments of Asce Networks' high availability firewall and VPN solution Omnirange Plus for large-scale enterprises, ISPs and carriers have begun.

Omnirange Plus's pilot phase was completed in May. The first deals have already been closed and the deliveries carried out in USA, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Product training is currently being provided for distributors and resellers.

Omnirange Plus - the First High Availability Firewall Solution on the Market

Omnirange Plus is the market's first fully scalable firewall to provide high availability, dynamic load-balancing and network security for multiple ISP connections. Asce Networks' patented Multi-Path technology optimizes network performance by always choosing the fastest path for traffic.

"The Omnirange Plus solution was developed because we saw a definite need for the features it offers, which were not available in the existing firewalls," CEO Bob Collins says. "Now the pilot phase is over and we are happy to announce that we have clearly responded to customer requirements with the Omnirange Plus product."

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